The bodyweight workout for beginners: Rainbow

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My bodyweight workout for beginners helps you to take the first steps in training with your own body weight.

It consists of several exercises and strengthens your whole body, but does not overwhelm your technical skills and your cardiovascular system.

All in all, you should definitely try it out.

Even if you are no longer a beginner.

Bodyweight Training: The Benefits

When you train with your own body weight, you benefit from a number of advantages:

  • Location independence
  • Time independence
  • No equipment necessary
  • Train and increase strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility at the same time
  • Possible alone or in groups
  • And many more

You can find more detailed information about bodyweight training including free training plans here.

The bodyweight workout Rainbow

If you know my bodyweight training plans, you will know that I like to name my workouts after events or conditions in nature (e.g. Thunder, Volcano, etc.).

A rainbow is also such a natural spectacle.

And the name goes well with this workout because we use it to address pulling and pushing movements of the upper body as well as your legs and core.

Just as the rainbow covers all color spectra of visible light.

The exercises

You only have to master 4 exercises in total.

We will combine these in different methods in the workout. But more on that later.

  • Push-ups with raised hands (press)
    Push-Ups are a sharp full-body exercise that primarily strengthens all of the upper body muscles involved in pressing (especially pectoral muscles and triceps = back of the upper arm). So that you can do it well as a beginner, you can raise your hands (e.g. on a table or armchair) until you can do at least 10 push-ups without a break. If that is not possible at the table either, you continue to the wall. You can also do push-ups on a wall.
  • Squats (legs)
    Squats are perfect for keeping your legs tight strengthen. Especially for beginners it is completely sufficient to do them without additional weights.
  • Increased support with knees drawn up (Core)
    In this exercise, the standard version is the support on the floor. In other words: the initial push-up position. We make the exercise a little easier by placing our hands on an armchair. Then you pull one leg forward towards your chest, put it down again and repeat the same thing with the other leg. If you can’t do 20 repetitions (10 on each side), the exercise is still a little too difficult for you and you should move your hands a little further up. For example further on the table, etc.
  • Door pull (pull)
    You will need a towel for this. You then wrap the towel around a door buckle (on both sides) and then grab it at each end with one hand. Then you put one leg on the left and one on the right of the door, bend your knees and then pull yourself towards the door with the towel as far as you can.

The video instructions for the exercises

The methods

Within the bodyweight workout Rainbow I have combined the following training methods:

  • Interval training (HIIT)
    You do the exercise for 30 seconds, pause for 10 seconds and then do the next exercise for 30 seconds, etc. You already know the principle from the 7-minute scientific workout, my Freeletics circuit or my six-pack circuit
  • Classic strength training (hypertrophy training)
    You perform 8-12 repetitions and then pause for up to one minute is over. Then the next exercise follows. The effort involved in performing the exercise should be so high that you cannot do more than 15 repetitions, ideally a little less. But definitely more than 6.
  • Interval sets
    Repeating the first HIIT phase results in an interval set for each exercise over the entire duration of the workout.

The exact process

Make sure you have a towel, door, chair, and table on hand before you begin.

Then you can use a watch or an app like this one (for Android) to set the following time specifications (or just train with me and start the video below):

  • 30 seconds of push-ups with raised hands
  • 30 second squats
  • 30 seconds of increased support with knees drawn up
  • Pull the door for 30 seconds
  • 1 minute push-ups with raised hands (8-12 repetitions, then rest until the minute is up)
  • 1 minute squat (8-12 repetitions, then rest until the minute is up)
  • 1 minute of increased support with knees drawn up (8-12 repetitions per side, then rest until the minute is up)
  • Pull the door for 1 minute (8-12 repetitions, then pause until the minute is up)
  • 30 seconds of push-ups with raised hands
  • 30 second squats
  • 30 seconds of increased support with knees drawn up
  • Pull the door for 30 seconds
  • 10 seconds break or end

You will need less than 10 minutes for the entire workout.

9 minutes and 20 seconds to be exact.

The complete bodyweight workout Rainbow to join in

If you have watched my instruction video, you can now start the workout.

We will work together in real time on our fitness.

So: Get the necessary utensils, warm yourself up, press play and we will start!

What if you are no longer a beginner?

Then of course you can still do my workout.

However, you should replace the exercises with their more difficult version:

  • Squats
    • Deep squats (lower buttocks as far as possible)
    • One-legged squats
  • Push-ups with raised hands
    • Normal push-ups on the floor
    • Push-ups with raised legs
  • Support barrel
    • Support run on the ground
    • Climbers (you jump from the push-up position alternately with one foot in front of your hand)
  • Pull the door
    • You put your feet closer to the door frame
    • You pull the door with one arm

This makes your workout a lot more difficult.

How to proceed

If you have mastered the exercises, you should incorporate the workout into your everyday life more often for the next few weeks.

I recommend doing it 3 times a week at the beginning.

If you have severe muscle soreness, regenerate (going for a walk, light training, etc.) first and then start training again when the sore muscles have subsided.In the meantime, always leave a rest day free so that yourself your muscles can recover.

This means that you only need to integrate a total of just under 30 minutes of training per week into your everyday life.

And you can do all the exercises at home. Without having to buy expensive equipment.

So it’s best to start today.

And hold on. Keep moving!

If you have not been physically active before, you will achieve noticeable results after 4 weeks.

It is not the beginning that is rewarded, only perseverance. Catherine of Siena

By the way : If you want a complete bodyweight training plan, you will find it here: Free bodyweight training plan in 3 levels of difficulty.

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