The best fitness gift ideas

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Great gift ideas are especially in demand in the run-up to Christmas.

But even during the year, the question of the right gift arises again and again.

For everyone who would like to give fitness gifts, I have put together the fittest gift ideas I could find.

Happy giving!

A little tip in advance if you are looking for a suitable present for your loved ones: Always listen carefully!

In conversations, there are often clear indications of what would really please the recipient.

If you also know about his or her hobbies, not much can go wrong.

If exercise, sport and fitness are a big hobby, I have a list of gift ideas here that will make the eyes of your fitness-loving recipients shine!

Fitness Apps

So what could be more obvious than giving away a voucher for the respective app store? The various app stores are now teeming with fitness apps, some of them are really good but then cost a few euros.

Nothing unless you know a particular app is already in use. Then you can concentrate on upgrading the use of this app.

If the Runtastic app is used a lot, for example, you could think about equipment from the Runtastic shop (pulse belt, etc.) or a gold membership (brings more evaluation options, training plans, etc. on the homepage). A coach can also be booked within the Freeletics app for just under € 40.

Fit magazine subscription

Also always welcome among the many gift ideas: A subscription to a magazine that inspires the recipient.

The following magazines are available for all fitness freaks that deliver high quality content : Men’s Health, Fit for Fun, Shape, etc.

You can often choose a gift subscription on the magazines’ homepages, which makes things very easy.

The costs are limited, you will get away with just under € 60.

Fit Tracker

A fitness gadget such as a smartwatch, a fitness bracelet or the like is sure to please every fitness-loving man and woman with an affinity for sports.

Make sure that the device (usually the smartphone) used by the recipient and the gadget you are buying go together.

There are many possibilities.

The best thing to do is take a look at, they have done extensive tests there with various fitness trackers.

In terms of costs, you have to budget at least € 100 here.

Gym or sports club membership

If you like to train together with others, you will definitely be happy if you give him or her a membership in your favorite gym or your home sports club.

It’s difficult to get this over the Internet, but a personal conversation or a phone call is often enough and you get what you want.

The costs are very different, depending on the quality of the fitness studio or sports club.


Trainer hours

It would also be possible to give coaching lessons for beginners in certain sports, for example a cross-country skiing course for beginners, tennis training with a tennis instructor, etc. (For athletes we want to recommend andriol kaufen) Perhaps there are personal trainers in your area who will give the gift recipient again Bring it into shape properly.

A personal trainer hour costs well and happily € 50 upwards.

Adventure gifts

As far as gift ideas are concerned, presents with an adventurous character are always very popular.

Best when you can experience something together.

In the meantime, some companies and websites have specialized in satisfying the longing for experiences. Many offers also have a fitness character, such as a rafting tour, a tandem paragliding jump, etc.

Portals on which you can find such gifts are, for example:, and

You will find what you are looking for at the portals from around € 30, the more expensive, the more unusual.

Sports equipment

In sports shops such as Intersport, Sports Expert, Sport 2000, Hervis, Gigasport, etc. you can buy vouchers that your fitness enthusiast can redeem in order to meet equipment or clothing needs that have been cherished for a long timeDon’t forget the local trade when thinking about the perfect gift idea.

A hot tip for the small budget is, for example, the BPA-free drinking bottle from Nalgene * (costs less than € 20).

Or a Blackroll, with which you can release tension.

A dumbbell set or a kettlebell * (available individually for around € 20 or as a set for € 200) is also not a bad idea.


If you know that a book would also be fun, you should stop by your local bookstore or the online giant Amazon.

My fitness book recommendations:

You have to calculate between € 20 and € 30 for this.

Audible subscription

Do you know Audible?

If you enjoy listening to books, you will love Audible.

And if you haven’t had any experience with it, you should definitely try it.

You can test Audible here for one month (and thus an audiobook) for free: Audible trial month *.

If you want to buy a gift subscription right away, you will find it here: Audible gift subscription.

Choosing gift ideas with love

If you have thought about which gift you choose, the recipient will surely be happy about it.

No matter what you ultimately choose.

So that you don’t miss out when looking for the perfect gift idea yourself, here are a few tips to finish off: Leave the car a little further away – this usually saves you a wild search for a parking space and take a week off before Christmas so that you can go shopping in the mornings on weekdays. That will save you a few nerves.

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