7 facts about functional underwear that you should definitely consider when buying

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The range of functional underwear is huge. Several manufacturers and labels offer a wide variety of qualities in a wide variety of presentations. It is not easy to maintain an overview. 4yourfitness.com has put together the most important points that athletes should pay attention to when buying. Tip 7 is particularly interesting for environmentally conscious athletes!

1. The material – the mix makes it

Pay attention to what material the garment is made of. If the fabric thread is made of cotton and “only” coated, this layer is at risk of being washed out after repeated machine cycles. Mixed fabrics transport beads of sweat away from the skin better than pure cotton. But mixed fabrics are also “threatened” with washing out. Once drawn through water that is more than 40 degrees Celsius, the coating effect increasingly diminishes here too. Fabrics such as “Performance Fiber” from Gym Aesthetics, for example, are perfect for competitive athletes. Because here the fiber transports sweat away at the molecular level. There is no coating.

2. Combination function – twice as good

Functional clothing should always fulfill a double function. It should protect against the cold, for example during running training in the forest, but at the same time transport away sweat and thus cool the body, for example when the athlete is extremely stressed in the studio. However, a thin film of sweat should always remain on the skin. This film works like an air conditioner. It regulates body temperature and protects us from overheating. If a fabric completely removes the salt pearls, it switches off this air conditioning system. The body continues to produce sweat because the cooling function is “switched off”.

3. Cut – clever and long

When buying, pay attention to the cut of the functional underwear. With well thought-out shirts and longsleeves, the back is longer than the front. The lower back remains covered and protected when bending down.

4. Seams – no friction

It is important to ensure that the seams lie on the skin with as little friction as possible – so do not scratch them. Because functional underwear ideally lies close to the skin, this is where it can “work” best.

5. Features – smart thing

Smart solutions are also incorporated features such as elastic bands in the upper back area. They have an elastic effect and with their help, for example, stringers can be pulled off easily and comfortably over the head.

6. Zipper – better hide it

If the sportswear has zippers, these should be incorporated as concealed as possible. The reason: The zips of pockets on trousers and tops in particular are protected by a layer of fabric over the zipper. When the arm moves, the athlete does not get caught on the clasp. This protects the material.

7. Eco-label – environmentally conscious

Anyone who values ​​pollutant-free fashion and fair production conditions should pay attention to a suitable seal. The “Oeko-Tex Standard 100plus” is currently known worldwide. It recognizes clothing that meets certain environmental requirements. Important: Chlorobenzenes are prohibited, but chlorinated solvents remain unaffected, as do perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals.

Functional underwear – conclusion

In addition to the 7 facts, pay attention to the intended use, which goes hand in hand with whether the functional underwear should be short or long and rather tight or casual.

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